Finding the Best Golf Accessories

Finding the Best Golf Accessories

Are you a golfer looking for the best golf accessories to take your game to the next level? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. You have chosen to take up golf and the market can be confusing with its numerous accessories. What you are experiencing is common for new golfers since the equipment market has exploded with new technology as of late. We will help you prepare and find the best golf equipment for every scenario you might encounter. In golf, there is a lot more than tees, clubs, and balls.

In this article, we will go in-depth on the different golf equipment that will make you a better golfer. We will find the “must have” golf accessories for you. We will also discuss why they are important and how they will help your game. Read to the very end to get the ultimate understanding of the best accessories and which ones are best for your game.

What Golf Accessories Does A Golfer Need?

Out there on the course, you will find many types of golf accessories, but depending on the course you play and your game strategy, you may need different equipment. As a golfer, you need to be prepared for any situation.

Everything You Should Know about the Best Golf Irons of 2020

You Will Need To Have:

  • Practice Golf Balls
  • Scorecard Holders
  • Golf Ball Retrievers
  • Golf Tees
  • Golf Umbrella
  • Golf Gloves
  • Golf Towel
  • Divot Repair Tools
  • Driver Head Covers
  • Ball Markers
  • Golf Iron Covers And Putter Covers

Find detailed information for every accessory in the section below. You will know what to look for and which items are best for you as a golfer.

Best Practice Golf Balls

Do you want to work on your pitching, chipping and most importantly, your putting? If you answer yes, then you need the perfect golf balls. There are many amazing practice balls that you can use on the practice range or in your backyard.

Practice balls come in different styles and types. The most commonly used practice balls are similar to those you use to play but are specifically designated for practicing. We typically call them X- Outs.  There are a wide variety of practice balls out there that react like a normal golf ball would.

They, however, have increased safety and a reduced flight. They are the best for you to use at your home or backyard as they limit the chances of damaging your house or your neighbors house.

Scorecard Holders

A scorecard holder is as important as the club. It is a crucial tool to have when you are in a tournament. You can put your stat sheet, notes, and pin sheets all on a scorecard holder. When you have it all together with the other tools in your bag, you will feel more organized. This will go a long way in helping you focus on your game.

The best scorecard holders are manufactured from synthetic leather to allow for a waterproof experience. Other features are elastic loops for holding your pencil. The scorecards comfortably fit in your back pocket or the front one as well. Most of the scorecard holders also come with stat sheets for recording the number of greens hit, total putts and fairways hit, among other key statistics you may want to track.

Golf Ball Retrievers

Do you occasionally hit your golf ball into a lake or deep into a bush? Do you try to get them back or choose to buy new ones? The best solution for this common occurrence is to have a golf ball retriever.

You will save yourself some money in the long run if you simply retrieve your ball and you may even find a few others that have been left behind as well. Although the retrievers have been around for many years, technology has made nice developments recently.

What Are The Best Ball Retrievers?

The best are those that feature a compact size with a long-range telescoping reach of about ten feet. They also need to have a lightweight design and a reliable trapping mechanism that keeps the ball contained and releases it easily.

Having a ball retriever will save you from having to wade into high grass where bugs or snakes might be lurking. You can avoid this by using a ball retriever to fetch your wayward balls.

Golf Tees

Golf tees are one of the must-have golf accessories. You will definitely need to have them every time you golf. A golf tee comes in a range of styles with different lengths, hence making it hard to find the right type. We will show you a very simple trick of determining which golf tee works for you.

Finding the Best Golf Accessories

The Simple Trick

  • The tees must be long so that they will allow you to tee the golf ball high enough to use with the driver, based on the height you desire.
  • The tees must be slim enough to move freely through the grass when you want to tee the ball lower.
  • If you like extra-long tees for the driver, you will also need a shorter size for a fairway wood or to use on par-3’s.

Golf Umbrella

You and I know that mother nature doesn’t always cooperate when we play golf. The weather is not predictable, so you will want a golf umbrella to beat the weather at its own game. Attach one to your golf bag since most of them already come with an umbrella holder. Compared to the standard umbrellas, golf umbrellas are quite different. The outstanding feature is its size. Make sure when you are shopping for a golf umbrella, you look for a size that is large enough to shade you plus your golf ball and probably a colleague who forgot their umbrella.

The best umbrellas have double canopies, sturdy steel frames, and comfortable handles as well. When you have one, you will be protected from rain and even from the scorching sun during the summertime.

The Best Golf Gloves

You can always maintain a strong grip without adding unnecessary pressure when you have high-quality golf gloves. The best golf gloves on the market are those made of Cabretta leather, which have a solid hold on the golf club, a soft feel, and flexibility. If you are testing the gloves at the counter and the grip just fits right, that’s the best one for you.

This holds true even if you want to change from one manufacturer to another. For instance, a medium golf glove from one manufacturer may feel like an extra-large one from a different manufacturer. A golf glove is a needed accessory that will help with the quality of your game.

Golf Towel

After every round or shot, keeping your clubs clean is a important part of playing golf. The best way for you to keep your woods, irons and wedges clean is by using a high-value golf towel. Golf towels are also great when you need to clean your golf ball on the green. During a humid or wet day, using the golf towel to dry up your grips is also very helpful.

The best golf towels are the popular microfiber ones that can hold moisture and get into the irons’ grooves to clean out the grass or dirt. When the grooves are clean, this helps the ball to do what you expect when you hit it.

You will also want to look for towels that are large enough and can be washed by your washing machine.

Divot Repair Tools

Different people call them different names but regardless of what they are called, having a divot tool is necessary for every golf bag. It helps keep the greens in good condition when playing on the golf course. It is even better for your other golfing friends who are on the course that particular day.

The best divot repair tools have some weight with sturdy tines capable of folding or retracting to avoid poking yourself in the process.

Best Golf Driver Head Covers

There are numerous benefits when you have head covers for your fairway wood and drivers, especially with modern golf clubs due to their special finishes and quite stylish paint jobs. Fairway woods and drivers can be susceptible to damage and chipping.

An additional significant feature making head covers useful is the ability to muffle your clubs when driving the cart or carrying golf clubs on your shoulders. The best head covers will fit around every club pretty well; hence they keep them safely protected from the head down the shaft to about six inches.

Although most golf club manufacturers provide head covers for their fairway woods as well as drivers, you can find some great alternatives out there. Some of the other options include cartoons, animals, or other funny and unique characters. Have you ever seen the Head cover that Tigers uses?

Golf Iron Covers and Putter Covers

Golf iron covers and putter covers are some of the more uncommon golf accessories. Nevertheless, they are important assets for golfers who want to keep their golf clubs in the best condition possible. When irons are in the golf bag, they tend to bang against each other. With the best iron covers,  you keep them safe without suffering damage and nicks that are common with golf irons.

On the other hand, the best putter covers protect your putter from wear and tear inside the bag and keep the putter above the lip of the bag, so you can retrieve it easily.

Golfers use putters on almost every hole; hence accessing them easily saves you effort and time.

The Best Golf Ball Markers

Many golfers use standard coins such as a quarter as their ball makers. That’s right, but owning a golf ball-maker specifically made for golf will make you feel more official. When shopping, look for golf ball markers that are connected to a magnetic clip since they are the best. With the magnet, they can be attached to your cap easily. The best golf ball markers are some of the women’s golf accessories that are beneficial to women golfers. Attachment to the cap is a great booster if you don’t have skirts, shorts, or pants with pockets.

It doesn’t matter where you got your ball maker from; as long as you have it. Many find they have a sentimental attachment to using it. Either you got your golf ball marker during a vacation or won it in a golf tournament or even from your favorite golf course, if it is good, it will provide positive vibes that serve you best on the golf course.

The Best Golf Clubs

Maybe you have seen your fellow golfers fill their golf bags with golf clubs, and you do not have an idea of all the available clubs on the market. There are five types of golf clubs that are often used in golf courses. They include:

  • Irons
  • Putters
  • Woods
  • Hybrids
  • Wedges

All five clubs are made ideally for a specific shot. For example, woods make long shots, while you use wedges on sand traps and around the green. Many of the club manufacturers like putting together club sets that are best for beginners. You will realize the club sets include all the clubs you need to play and go along with, tees, balls, and a golf bag.

If you are a beginner golfer, we advise that you shop for your golf clubs from a well-known manufacturer. Also, buy yourself an orange whip golf swing trainer so that you learn how to hit and swing your golf clubs properly.

When your hitting and swinging improves, you may want to get fitted for  more sophisticated golf clubs to help take your game to the next level.

One more thing here, as a beginner golfer or even a veteran one, a golf club fitting guide is necessary for you to find the right clubs for you.

The Best Golf Bags

There are numerous high quality golf bags out there for golfers. Choosing the best bag for you will largely depend on your taste as a golfer. Golf bags are used to carry clubs. However, with the advancement of modern technology, you are likely going to be overwhelmed with the available options. As I said above, there are a lot of golf bags suited for different uses.

For instance, cart bags are light and small; therefore, they are ideal when carried together with other fun golf cart accessories. On the other hand, staff bags are bigger hence more ideal for professionals. Additionally, carry bags are ideal for golfers who are fond of walking around the course since they are the lightest of all.

Finally, golf travel bags are best for traveling because they protect your clubs more.

The Best Golf Hats

Like the golf bags, various hats are suitable for a variety of golfers, and they range from the infamous old school flat hats to the modern cap. Again, buying one here depends on your taste and passion. When in the shop, ask for assistance from the shop attendant to pick the best of your quality as the store provides. Though, you can buy a specific one for each particular season.

Best Golf Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses are ideal, particularly when golfing during a sunny season. The best golfing sunglasses are quite different from the normal ones.

When buying, choose the golf sunglasses with unique lenses designed to protect your eyes from the scorching sun while creating a sharp and clear view. You will be able to track your ball better as it flies into the air and lands somewhere on the green.

Best Golf Shoes

Golf shoes like the hats are bought depending on the golfer’s preference. Some causal golfers when playing put on sneakers or sandals. Most golfers however like shoes that are designed  for golfing. These are shoes with metal or plastic spikes to keep you grounded when you swing, to prevent your feet from slipping as you hit the ball.

Therefore, it is fair to say the quality and type of shoe you put on will depend on your sense of fashion or your passion for maintaining balance when you swing the golf club.

The Best Golf Cart

A golf cart is one of the accessories most golfers do not have. This could be attributed to its relatively expensive state compared to all the other equipment we have already discussed. Depending on whether you buy a second hand or a brand new one, several features will be worth considering.

You will need to confirm if the golf cart was well stored. You also need to know the previous owner of the golf cart as well for clarity on how the golf cart runs and has previously been used. Be sure to thoroughly inspect a second-hand golf cart or ask an expert in carts to do that. You can take it for a road test to establish any existing problem, and when you are totally satisfied, you can have it for yourself.

What Are the Must the Must-Have Golf Accessories in a Golf Bag

We have exhaustively looked at the best golf equipment in the above section. But wait, do I need to have all of those? The simple answer I will give you is: maybe. Let us now look at this somewhat vague answer. There is some golf equipment that without it might cause you to feel incomplete. The list provided below encompasses such accessories. Some may leave your mouth open, wondering whether you need them.

  • A dozen golf balls
  • Adequate tees for the holes where you use a driver and on the range. You can use broken tees which are good for irons on par-3s and fairway woods. Wondering why broken tees? It is because the USGA authorizes the use of the broken tees
  • Divot repair tools for keeping greens in a perfect condition
  • An extra golf ball maker to use in case your ball maker gets lost
  • A golf glove, and one or more extra ones in the event it rains
  • One high-value golf towel
  • A golf umbrella. It should be available for grabbing in case the Mother Nature rain on your round
  • Sunglasses are an absolute must for you if at all you live or play in a place with ample sunshine
  • Scorecard holders to organize your scorecards and notes and keep them out of the elements

Examples of some great accessories that you may not need to have in your golf bag is a golf ball retriever. Others may include practice golf balls that we recommend storing in a separate bag from your golf bag.

So What Are The Best Accessories?

It can confuse anyone as to what type of accessory is necessary or needed due to the various options on the market.We recommend searching for what has been on the market for the longest when buying the best accessories. For instance, divot tools, golf balls, golf tees, and golf gloves that have been on the market for decades. They are used today by golfers of all levels.

You can also look for what the best golfers on the planet use to judge if it’s the best or not. For example, if the best golfers use the accessory on LPGA or PGA, tour, then it is likely the best for you.


Owning the best golf accessories in your golf bag is important if you want to enjoy golfing and get ready for anything that comes your way when on the golf course. We hope this article has helped you in understanding the do’s and don’ts regarding the best accessories for your sport.

We designed the information in this article to specifically give golfers of different levels the know-how to find the best accessories. Therefore we believe after reading; you will avoid any gimmicky equipment flowing in the market. Lovers of golf who are passionate, play it to their best level by having the best accessories. Consider purchasing the earlier discussed accessories to help enhance your game.