The Best Golf Carts of 2020 

The Best Golf Carts of 2021

For many, golf is considered a walking sport, and rightly so. You will find yourself walking an average of four miles when playing an 18 holes. That can be tough when lugging a bag with you. That is why many choose to use a golf cart.

A golf cart is a companion that saves up your energy and loosens up your muscles, so you can play with vigor. The overwhelming number of golf carts to choose from can make it challenging to choose the best one. This guide, therefore, has some of the best golf carts to help you make a wise choice.

Top 3 Golf Carts

We poured through dozens of golf carts to find the best ones for you. They have some of the most current features that will have help you to enjoy the game even more. Choose the perfect golf cart that suits your needs!

1. Cube CART Push Pull Golf CART

The impressive Cube Cart push-pull golf cart is designed to offer convenience to the players. The lightweight, compact design, and patented three-wheel configuration makes the cart better than a traditional golf cart that won’t slow you down.

The aluminum frame is lightweight and doesn’t hold you back with the addition of a golf bag. You can easily push it around as the wheels give it increased stability during movement. The over-sized friction-free rubber tires roll on any terrain, and the wider base allows for effortless maneuvering.

There are three height adjustment options. The handle can be positioned on a height that is convenient for you so that you do not hurt or injure your back. The golf cart is affordable and comprises storage space where you can keep your personal belongings. It has a simple foot brake that is convenient and brings the cart to a halt immediately.


  • Built-in storage
  • Over-sized friction-free tires
  • Fast fold design
  • Tee, ball, umbrella, and scorecard holder


  • A bit bulky


2. Qwik-Fold 360 Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

This is an elegant cart that has a fancy design and is incredibly built. The sturdy aluminum frame is lightweight, which makes it highly mobile. The eye-catching and attractive finish goes well with any golf bag. You will be the talk of the course with this cart.

You will be impressed by the folding mechanism of the cart. It takes a single step and one second to open and close the cart using the bullet system technology. It has a comfortable and stylish handle with an excellent grip that helps when pushing the cart.

The 360 degree swivel front wheel has a lock on it to keep the cart moving in a straight direction. The patented brake system works with a single tap of your foot. You can tap and release it to make the cart move or come to a stop. It also has ball bearing wheels that move around on challenging terrain with ease.


  • Adjustable handle
  • Comes with an umbrella holder
  • Compact and portable
  • Moves effortlessly
  • 360-degree swivel wheel


  • Locking mechanism needs assistance
  • A bit expensive


3. Cube CART 3 Wheel Golf CART

The Cube Cart push golf cart is a fantastic purchase that allows you to attach golf bags to it even when it is folded! The two-step folding cart tucks in the wheels securely and wraps up compactly, taking up less storage space.

Despite being lightweight, the cart has a sturdy build that makes it more reliable. The ergonomic handle can be adjusted to multiple heights that facilitates every player. Setting up the cart is extremely easy. Insert the two rear wheels, and the cart is up without breaking a sweat.

The friction-free over-sized tires give the cart stability. They do not heat up or slow you down while rolling on varying terrain. It has a storage compartment, a scoreboard holder, an umbrella holder, and a beverage holder.


  • Height adjustable handle
  • Folds easily
  • Portable
  • Swift brake mechanism


  • The design of the cart makes it difficult to store things when folded


What to look for in the best golf cart

Buying a golf cart like other things depends on your personal preference. However, you can make an informed decision by viewing the below features that are a must for any golf cart that you purchase. These include:

User Comfort

The cart needs to have a flexible handle and friction-free tires so that it moves around without overburdening you. The handle should provide a solid grip to the hand and should be adjustable to accommodate players of different height.


Since you have to walk greater distances with all your equipment and belongings, the golf cart must be made so that there is reduced strain on your back. The cart itself reduces your burden. However, it must have a design that is supportive of your body to help you maneuver without straining your muscles.

Brake System

The cart must have an efficient braking system so that you don’t have to fight to keep your cart in one place. The carts have replaceable brakes, so you don’t have to worry about them.


To save you from the trouble of punctured wheels, the carts have air-free wheels that won’t flatten regardless of where you go on the course. They should also lock so the cart will stay in place while you take a shot. You have options to choose with 3 or 4 wheels. Although the three-wheel carts are stable, four wheels guarantee more stability. Otherwise, each ensures that your cart won’t topple over no matter the load.

Apart from all the features mentioned above, your cart must have solid construction and be made of high-quality materials which are essential for durability. The carts reviewed here won’t let you down and will contribute to a healthy and joyous golfing experience!